Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3 wonderful years & many more to come!

I feel so truly blessed to have wonderful friends in my life who believe in me. Megan and Brett are two of these people, and I am so thankful that they asked me to take "anniversary pictures". What a great idea!!! Guys, keep that in mind...we women like any excuse to take pictures! :) Kevin and I stood up at their wedding (exactly three years ago today) and then they both stood up at our wedding a month and a half later. Megan and Brett are two of the easiest people to be around...which made this shoot so fun! Here is a sneak peek of what we got! Happy 3 year anniversary you two!!! Enjoy! :)

Love you both!!!


  1. Thank you so much Kelsey. The pictures look great and you made it so much fun (even for Brett)!

  2. LOVE it!! Great job Kelsey! Megs and Brett, you both look amazing :) Can't wait to see you all again! :)