Sunday, December 12, 2010

Drewry Family...

Well, all I have to say is...this next group were absolute troopers! :) We decided to take some outdoor "Christmasy" pictures this morning. My car read 21 degrees when we started! Good thing Grandma and Grandpa's house was just down the street! Stephanie and Chris have been friends since freshman year of college. It is crazy to think about how long ago that truly was! They now have 2 beautiful little girls (who look exactly like their gorgeous mom)! :) THANK YOU for letting me capture such precious moments of your adorable family!!!

You all look like you came straight out of a catalog!!!

There is something about this last one I just love! :)

I know the weather was not ideal...but I hope you enjoy the shots that we got!
Thanks again!!! :)


  1. These are amazing! A beautiful family and you captured them so well! I need you, your camera, cute plaid, and some snow ASAP!!! Miss you!

  2. awe!!!!! I just saw this post em!!!! THANK YOU!!! Your sweet comments mean the WORLD! Get up here and you will have ALL of that! :) Talk to you soon! Miss you! XOXO! :)