Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Love and another little one... is a little late-but I really wanted to post these three pictures!!!! :)  The first two pictures will actually make your heart melt!!!  Sarah is one of my very dearest friends.  We have grown up it was incredibly special to photograph her engagement session.  Sarah and her fiance, Brian, are more than just HS sweethearts...they are ELEMENTARY sweethearts!  Brian gave Sarah this Valentine 18 years ago!  The crazy thing is-she KEPT it all this time! :)  We are going to incorporate it into their "Save the Date".  The wording on it could not be any more perfect!!!! :)

(if you can't read the writing is says, "I see you in my future")

 And just to prove it is from 3rd grade...check out the handwriting!

And this next adorable little one is Miss Charlotte!!!  Could she be any cuter?!?!  

Enjoy! :)

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