Friday, July 2, 2010

Beautiful Bryant Family...

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend the morning with an amazing family and wonderful friends! Court and I have known each other since before either of us can remember and it has been so fun watching her family grow! I started photographing the Bryant clan when Court was expecting Harper...which seems like forever ago! Josh has always been such a great sport-kudos to him! ;) Court and Josh-I could seriously photograph your family forever, you both are SOOO easy & Harper's eyes are just gorgeous!!! Here is a sneak peek of some of my favorites! :)

Court's idea... :)

LOVE daddy/daughter moments...

And of course mommy/daughter moments!
Court was singing...she has a song for everything! :)

Melt-how stinkin' cute!?!?!

We were both excited about this one-some may think it is cheesy-we liked it! ;)

Oh my-those eyes-what pretty girls!

The balloons were sooo fun-thanks for bringing them! :)

This was the VERY last picture-we thought Harper was OVER it-
SOO glad we got this! It is my favorite!!! :)

THANKS guys!!! What a great morning! XOXO! :)

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